Border Biscuits

Tv commercial for Border Biscuits with animation on live action

This is the first Tv commercial that we did at for Border Biscuits
Responsibilities as CG Supervisor
Onset capture of spherical HDR images to match lighting to CG characters
Look development of characters shaders
Co-ordination of assets between modeller, animator and lighting TD
Camera tracking of live action footage & creation of interactive geometry
Set blocking for animation interaction
Photo-realistic lighting of digital characters and props to match live action plates
Refining photo-realistic shaders and textures
Rendering of all CG elements with mutli passes to provide to the compositor

151 St Vincent Street
206 Lobby
Pioneers of Now - Competition by Wacom
Buchanan Galleries
Matte Painting - Glasgow City Destruction
Clyde Quarter Lobby
Matte Painting - White Park Bay
Lifetime Recycling Village
Edinburgh Broadway Linear Park