Matte Painting - Remote Research Unit

Remote Research Unit
This is a personal piece I completed pull together the skills I had learned at the CG Society online Matte Painting course with David Luong.  It was also an opportunity to develop my workflow for efficiently and effectively generating matte paintings as there are many ways to go from concept to worked up piece.
This image was awarded the CG Architect which chooses the best architectural visualisation images submitted to CG Architect for that week;
It has also featured in the "Inspiration - Water Vol. 1" article created by CG Architect owner Jeff Mottle;
Concept to CG - The Art of Remember Me
George House Floor Plate
151 St Vincent Street
Coodham Ballroom
Matte Painting - Glasgow City Destruction
Deep Casing
Matte Painting - White Park Bay
151 St Vincent Street
Animation Establishing Shot
Abstract Thing